Royal hood in same Prohibition mess.

27 Sep

Every corner of the land is affected by the madness of Prohibition, as this alert from Jay reminds us.

It has been the Royal Family’s Highland retreat for more than a century and is known for its stunning scenery and a peaceful way of life that harks back to a bygone age. But now one of the scourges of modern Scotland has arrived on Royal Deeside, after the Queen’s local policeman warned of an alarming rise in the use of banned party drugs among the area’s youngsters…

Writing in a local newsletter, the Ballater Eagle, the local cop says:

Unfortunately, there appears to be a rise in the use of new stimulant drugs amongst the younger population. These are misleadingly described as legal highs but should be seen as uncontrolled and potentially very dangerous…

he was speaking particularly of mephedrone and naphyrone, now banned, and so the inanity and insanity of blanket Prohibition goes on.

Two pensioners in the village of Aboyne told how a “riotous mob” of teenagers had rolled their car onto its side and pelted them with snowballs when they tried to intervene.

And in strong support of the case for Repeal:

Officials at the Scottish Drugs Forum yesterday said rural communities are as much at risk of substance abuse as larger towns and cities. A spokeswoman also said there is particular concern about so-called party drugs. She added: “With street drugs, people can never be sure of exactly what they are consuming and the purity of that substance. But with this new generation of drugs, it’s even more confusing. “Users don’t know if they are consuming any of the substance they think they are taking, or whether it is another substance altogether…”

Prohibition makes it impossible to control the sale of mind-altering substances. Prohibition makes it impossible to inform citizens about the mind-altering substances that they purchase. Prohibition places the business of production and supply of mind-altering substances into the hands of ruthless criminal types.

To remove crime, from the business of weak people’s consuming mind-altering substances, we must Repeal all Prohibition and replace it with Intelligent Regulation of supply which would involve the following protocols, which would extend to alcohol and niccotine.

Glamorous packaging, brand names, and all forms of advertising and promotion would be banned.

Supermarkets, convenience stores, and newagents would no longer be permitted to sell drinks and smokes, nor be allowed to sell the de-prohibited drugs either.

ONLY licenced plain-front stores, with no way to see in, with off-set entrances, with posters and video-screens giving the biological facts about the specific natural and processed products, and with pigeon hole service, and with products in plain wrapping, would be allowed under MY system which I have promoted for almost 20 years now.


One Response to “Royal hood in same Prohibition mess.”

  1. Vincent September 27, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

    If only government were run by people with BRAINS – instead of pencil-necked, self-serving, paranoid, would-be people-pleasers – the regulated, SENSIBLE system you describe would have been invoked FORTY YEARS ago.

    And I would be able to smoke the new, stronger, purer weed which is available now, in my adopted country.

    However, thanks to the absurd War On Drugs, if I TOUCH the stuff I risk being locked up in Hell indefinitely – and if I survive – lose my HOME, upon release.


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