Boat That Rocked DVD -useful version.

1 Oct

A generous friend has given me a full 170-minute edit, in 16:9 widescreen, PAL system standard, 2-channel stereo, of THE BOAT THAT ROCKED movie. A few months ago, I already paid for my cinema ticket and saw the short, British edit at the cinema when it was released.

The subject of Nineteen-Sixties Free Radio competes with The Apollo Moon Program for Top Place in my list of interests. Science Fiction and blues-based popular music are also big.

In the longer version of TBTR, I was able to see that editors are right to be ruthless in cutting out silly stuff from footage, sometimes not ruthless enough.

Commenting on both the stuff left in, and the stuff left out, I have to say that making a big deal out of surnames that happen also to be considered rude words is thin schoolboy stuff.

Practical jokes on newcomers is not cool in reality. And portraying the sordid business in a movie is revolting.

Yes, the movie has its share of joy-filled hits of the time, in sudden steps aside from the story, but I remained eager for more. This is good: I must buy CDs of the music of the time.

The character of the quiet, musically encyclopaedic, whiskery DJ who took the 03 to 06 hours slot, for night owls and early risers alike, was the best conceived and brilliantly portrayed.

But again we had to sit through the disgusting put-down stunt.

The Isle of Lesbos got its fair-and-balanced public-relations plug. I was glad that it was not overdone.

The story line about who was the young guy’s Daddy was acceptable.

The competition twixt the two (self-perceived) coolest DJ ego-trippers, including the mast climb (inspired by the real-life incident when Tony Blackburn went up to free a snagged cable) did excellently for the plot.

The two DJ posers were shown up for the feeble folk they were. The acting was good. The silly sausages had really ground on my nerves. But the confession of the thin one, that he had been around the world, and through the market of gurus, and found that the music was still all he liked, was very good.

The whole government “war against filth” thing was essential for the plot, although the upper-middle-class inhibition and spite portrayed, made it tough to sit through.

I expect that, fans of the real offshore station saga, or any other area of interest, who have the computing skill, are clicking through Scenes, in the Bonus section of DVDs, and Copy-ing personal mini-movies of Fave bits.


One Response to “Boat That Rocked DVD -useful version.”

  1. Vincent October 2, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    For my money, the two BEST bits cut from even the UK and all DVD releases (the US release suffered a further 25 minutes cut) were – the longer mix of Chris O’Dowd (“Simple Simon”) singing along with “Stay With Me (Baby)” – it had more passion – and the adventures of “the thin one” (Rhys Ifans) – which Richard Curtis loved – but something had to go and Richard figured the shot where Gavin Canavagh rejoins the ship said it all.

    The “pilgrimage” to Abbey Road isn’t bad either!

    Of course, this film was NEVER going to make money. Most modern cinema-goers’ PARENTS weren’t alive when “pirate” radio ruled!

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