Public spurn perfidious Green deceit.

2 Oct

A writer (in one of the magazines that I receive as a member of an association) has a mixture of sense and nonsense to offer. He rightly accepts that NATURAL forces cause changes in the climate of Earth. But he claims that HUMAN causes are also a factor, these days.

But I can report that I have read, or heard, NO scientific evidence in favour of human factors being an effect on the planetary scale. Rather have I encountered what reads, and sounds, to me, like fake-scientific, computer-model contrivance.

And I take this as evidence that some people can accurately be termed Green-fascists and quasi-religious nutters.

Albeit not fast enough for me, our human industrialised society IS reducing the pollution it produces in the air in our cities, in the water present in, and flowing over, our land, and in the soil of our farming land.

But we few humans cannot possibly, according to all the print and audio documentary that has seemed convincing to me, be a factor in the gigantic process, over thousands of years, of the alternating forming-and-melting phases of our polar ice-caps.

I do HOPE we are in a melting phase! I expect most people would LOVE a new tropical age!

The writer I mentioned says:

Private cars should never have been allowed in the first place for numerous reasons and our only hope is to ban them completely, say over a 20-year period.

I agree! But only IF…

there will be lots of museums, with cafes, where we can adore the sexy styling of cars designed and built before 1960, especially those created by the magnificent Harley Earl! A few cars built since 1960 would be acceptable. Pick your own. There are not many.

…and cities undergo a crash program of GRID-ification, and BUS-ification….

Pedestrians are forced to walk vast distances because blocks of buildings are too-large. The same long, forced walk-around occurs when blocks are oddly shaped. Looking down at the map of any English city, town, or even village, you see odd shapes are the NORM. North American cities much more innocent of this.

On the map you can quickly draw red lines where buildings must be demolished to bash through access, thus sweeping away the effects of bad layouts made by developers who do not care a jot about the effects on people. T-junctions and L-bends are obvious places to begin bashing through new routes for pedestrians and buses.

Every street or road that comes up T against a railway needs a pedestrian bridge built immediately, and a bus bridge asap.

As to the winding residential estate layouts that looked so clever to post-war arty planners and architects, they have to be razed. Folk who bought the houses can live in tents until the new grid layouts are established. Dirt roads will do at first. It is high time people learned what fun is to be experienced from walking, directly as the bird flies, in go-anywhere wellies.

As to buses, passengers suffer from drivers speeding. One cause is traffic congestion. But another big cause is that boy-racer type drivers, mostly young, lag at a timing point until behind schedule. Then they enjoy belting-along.

As cars disappear and traffic thins, public transport schedules will cease to suffer from jams.

As boy-racers are shot, or put on chain gangs, the belting-along will be a thing of the past.

As buses regain customers and income (minimally from subsidy) it is ESSENTIAL that the vehicles themselves change. They need to be shorter and narrower, and have dual access.

If buses go a maximum of 32 kph, more people can comfortably stand. Tram-style seats down the sides must come back.

We would need recorded announcements reminding the morons amongst us to shove their butt along and make space for others.

The job, to be achieved within 20 years, enforcing a war-time-emergency pace, would be to have all streets part of a grid, albeit a bit squished aka sat-on. And ALL streets, north-south and east-west alike, would be bus routes.

Regular bus riders will see the advantages in my protocols. Make me dictator and I will fix it all for you. You youngsters can stand, and you oldsters can sit, you way to the car museum, via lovely, gently accelerating and decelerating bus.

There will no doubt be a few drivers that slide back to their speeding ways. No problem. There are plenty of jobs to be done by chain gangs, and plenty of bullets for the recalcitrant offenders.


One Response to “Public spurn perfidious Green deceit.”

  1. Vincent October 2, 2010 at 10:51 am #

    Yeah. The ’59 Caddy. Love it.

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