European Utopia? No: European Nut-House.

2 Oct

From Evening Standard, Jay wants me to see this:

“EU to include Britain in fines on countries breaking budgets”

The EU intends to include Britain in its system of punishment for countries that fail to control their economies efficiently.

The European Commission proposes to strengthen debt and deficit rules for eurozone, including the right to fine member states for breaking budget regulations.

But the EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, Olli Rehn, admitted he wanted to see the regulations applied to countries outside the single currency, confirming fears of eurosceptics.

I so wish I had foreseen the rise and iron rule of the bureaucrats at Brussels! Yes we need tough cuts to get out of debt. That is ALL we need to start. Obviously, we need Repeal of Prohibition. Clearly, we need the Greens, and their goofy lies, to be cut down and grubbed out.

I ought never to have supported the idea of a United States of Europe. I assumed that the EU version of a civil service would be no worse, and perhaps better, than our British one.

I reckoned without the loony-Left, Marxist-fascist, allegedly politically correct, purportedly do-good-ing makers of a million rules! Great stacks of regulations, that nobody has time to read, do neither a good society nor a good economy make.

Please tell me China is not going the same way! Please tell me that when China rules the world bureaucrats will be kept to low numbers. Please tell me that those who cannot DO, are not even allowed to TEACH but are, rather, recruited into jolly-sing-song work camps to pick flotsam and jetsam off the beaches.

Today’s EC proposals – which need approval from finance ministers – acknowledge that current rules have not worked, with many countries failing badly on the agreed commitment to keep national deficits to below 3% of GDP and debt within 60% of GDP.

With many countries struggling with high unemployment and public sector cuts, forcing treasuries back into line has proved impossible.

But the EC says it has the backing of many EU governments who have accepted that the economic downturn requires tougher measures, not least in the wake of the Greek crisis which threatened the existence of the euro.

“Many countries FAILING BADLY…”? How about many bureau-cretins failing badly?


One Response to “European Utopia? No: European Nut-House.”

  1. Vincent October 2, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    Britain’s going broke. Solution – take MORE of its money. Thanks a lot, Brussels. Go back to growing your sprouts.

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