Vincent explains the YouTube copyright.

2 Oct

FROM Vincent in response to the blog “Do not kill Google and its golden eggs…”

Oh yeah! And these days, all large (and most small) music copyright owners have software which is CONNECTED to YouTube’s computers – with YT’s PERMISSION – which identifies their material BEFORE it is allowed to be posted.

Then, by arrangement with YT, the upload is either okeyed, not okeyed, okeyed in some countries only, or okeyed – but accompanied by free ADS from the company concerned.

Furthermore, any other material which a company complains about, is IMMEDIATELY taken down and the poster gets SANCTIONED – which means posting ANY music (or film/TV clips) is like playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE.

Most of YT’s WORTHWHILE material is owned by SOMEONE – but how the poster (who provides YT’s material for FREE, while YT makes a fortune from advertising) gets treated is totally arbitrary.

Of course, YT says, “Don’t post copyright material” – but if everyone took them at their word, YT would DIE overnight. Like Britain’s ailing economy would, if everyone stopped SMOKING.


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