NASA gave us GPS. Speeding is STUPID!

3 Oct

OK, drat it, I admit it. I am back to buying the dratted Daily Echo every day. It is not the Liverpool Daily Echo that I used to buy in Merseyside, because this here is Poole Bay. I see page 23 of yesterday, Saturday 2 October, has a GARMIN Competition going on.

Do the letters GPS stand for Global Positioning Satellite or one of the other two options, both of which are silly? What the GARMIN guys fail to mention is that GPS is a spinoff of the 1960s NASA Apollo Moon Program. If astronauts landed in the rain forest, or some place other than the Pacific Ocean splashdown area, they knew where they were.

American politicians and morons generally would slag off the sum of dollars (equal to what Yanks spent on smoking) invested in leading-edge high-technology research and development via NASA. That essential investment (a tenth of what Yanks spent on drinking alcohol) boosted the economy world wide even more than World War 2 did.

I think it behoves GARMIN and all the other manufacturing and service industries to check out the patent numbers of their stuff, and give praise and credit to the National Aeronautoics and Space Administration of USA for their good work. Every cent went into somebody’s pay packet.

Somebody writes in HAVE YOUR SAY in the Daily Echo and is deluded enough to think that we are going to be conned into thinking that the death of some Steve guy, speeding on Christchurch by-pass last May, is a sad thing. Nobody else got hurt, therefore it is a good thing.

When I pranged on my Honda, Yamaha, or Jawa, motorcycles twixt 1975 and 1982, I knew that IT WAS MY STUPID FAULT!

So, dude, according to your description of Steve outside of the driving seat, we can antipate that, when you meet Steve in the cosmic energy field, one day, then he will be oh-so-kind, considerate,  caring, smiling, and funny, as he chides you for your making excuses for him…

He may have driven fast but there was no way he would try to hurt anybody…

He had control of his car at all times. The one time he didn’t it cost him his life…

Over to you, buddy, go ahead and slag me off, like when I told the truth about the cyclist whamming down Seaview Road and hitting a pedestrian before fatally kissing the concrete, and about the pedestrian with a skinful walking to Wimborne, with his back to the traffic, stumbling into the path of a car.

I deleted them to save them embarrassment over their poor English. But you can write well. Shame about the inability to think straight. It will be so fine when folk can recognise the truth from family and friends, the cold hard facts in their face, in time to save their life, speed kills…


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