Long term dolers CAN re-don work ethic…

5 Oct

…in a heart beat. That is my experience.

Thanks go to Jay for spotting this story…

Universal allowances, such as child benefit, could be curbed to help fund a major shake-up of the welfare system, David Cameron has indicated. The prime minister wants to wrap all existing out-of-work benefits into a single payment that will reward work.

That is fine by me, as far as it goes. But many honest benefits recipients are worried by a lot of the ill-informed and biased hyperbole gushing the mouths of politicians. Joseph Bamford from Skipton, North Yorkshire, is on benefits and says:

“…There are really well qualified, intelligent people who are on incapacity benefit. Saying we’re all lazy scroungers is an urban myth…

…I’ve been on benefits since 1995 after suffering injuries caused by a motor-cycle accident and, more recently, being diagnosed with prostate cancer…

I was offered a security job in aviation once but when I told them I’d been off work for a long time, they said they couldn’t hire me because of insurance purposes. Nobody talks about it, but companies don’t offer work to the long term unemployed…

The phrase ‘urban myth’ says it all. There are more benefit claimants, because there are fewer jobs, because companies have to cut cost by modernising. Doing more work with fewer people is essential, now that the people of Earth can no longer be forced to buy from United Kingdom.

All good things come to an end. All rises in standards of luxury are vulnerable to falling back down in the end. It is wise to become satisfied with mere necessities. All idiots who think something can be milked from nothing have been reading too many fairy stories.


One Response to “Long term dolers CAN re-don work ethic…”

  1. Vincent October 7, 2010 at 12:22 am #

    The problem is – thanks to “out-sourcing”, automation and the high cost of employing someone (insurance, company cars, etc.) – there ain’t enough jobs for those who WANT to work – and never WILL be.

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