Norman Wisdom, saint, star, hero.

6 Oct

Jay forwarded to me the web coverage of the passing of comedian Norman Wisdom whose father was a nasty thug to the young Norman. Then the young man’s so-called work-mates exploited and robbed him. Yet bitterness never seemed to show.

He finally, after heroic struggle, got his show biz break. I well recall my (3 years older) sibling rhapsodising about Trouble In Store, the big breakthrough for Norman. In the films that followed, there were moments when I found the character Norman played, irritating. But never mind. A very large, loyal and loving audience agreed with…

Long-time friends and colleagues of Sir Norman Wisdom [who] have paid tribute to the late actor, who has died aged 95.

The star, who began his film career in 1948, wore his trademark cloth cap and ill-fitting suit in more than 20 movies.

Sir Norman became a cult figure in Albania, where his were the only films from the West allowed in the former communist state.

Head of BBC Comedy Mark Freeland paid tribute… “Sir Norman’s diminutive characters were always underpinned by a sensitivity and charm that so wonderfully communicated to audiences the plight of the underdog.”

Johnny Mans, Sir Norman’s agent for more than 30 years, said… “He was a friend as well as someone who I have worked with over the years…”

Jan Kennedy, from Billy Marsh Associates – the agency which discovered Sir Norman in the early 1950s – called him “simply a beloved comic genius.”


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