Bournemouth is 200 years old soon.

8 Oct

In the Red House Museum, Christchurch, where I went to see the Donald Bailey, Bridge and Man, Exhibition, I saw, again, out of thousands of locally-related exhibits, a photograph of a flood in the 1950s with a lovely old highbridge double-decker bus, and an Austin A35, driving through some flood. The difference then was that no Green-fascists were faking computer models to predict the end of the world by loss of polar ice caps. (We should be so lucky!)

Bournemouth is 200 years old shortly. The occasion is pulling in the name and reputation of the long late Mary Shelley. She was very intelligent and was taught science as a child. She was the wife of a poet bloke of the same name. She was not born here but she is buried here.

There is candle-lit mucking-about going on at the Shelley family parking lot in Saint Pete’s churchyard downtown. She had all it took to write the book: Doctor Frankenstein’s Misunderstood Monster.

There was London lady got on the red 13 bus yesterday. She knew the driver. They yapped as she sat in the front seat. It is always a bemusement to me when a lady reveals (by what I overheard) that she is a keen soccer fan. Chelsea were the lucky team.

But the lady used a term new to me when she spoke of the Tory Prime Minister and his Liberal Democrat Deputy PM. “I wonder if Pinky and Perky are going to take away our free bus passes” she remarked. “I hope not. Half fare would be alright. I’ve said I wouldn’t mind paying half.”

She had taken 5 days in Blackpool recently. There were lots of boarded-up shops.

Stephen Smith, of Daily Echo in Bournemouth, revealed on Thursday that Normal Wisdom walked his lady friend Freda Simpson to the end of Bournemouth Pier. This is back-along a bit. He pulled out a diamond ring as they looked out to sea, and he said “Let’s get married”.

“What a lovely idea!” Freda responded. OK. Fair enough. Sometimes these things work out well. You cannot stop poor blokes getting into these arrangements. In Norma’s case, he found a winner. Bless them both.

Jay is correct in telling me that the word “sumpnado” (North American pronunciation for “something to do”) has no meaning in the internet world. Judging by its content, he goes on, the blog should be entitled but I believe that would be the most accurate.


One Response to “Bournemouth is 200 years old soon.”

  1. Vincent October 9, 2010 at 1:03 am #

    “Sumpnado” is CLEVER. And if one Googles it – one finds it straight away, ‘cos no-one ELSE thought of it. Stick to it, Cy.

    “Pinky and Perky” – LOL!!!!!

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