Chris Carey alias Spangles Muldoon was: a Rogue and a Great Bloke -Vincent.

9 Oct

I recall being on a totally-unseaworthy flat-top Thames party-boat, as we putt-putted – at FOUR miles an hour (the most the twin Volvo diesels could manage) – out from London to see the forts and the Ross Revenge [? -see Comment below from Jay -Cy], back in the late Seventies.

The trip was organised by the late Chris Cary (Spangles Muldoon – a name that was given to him on the spur of the moment. Another DJ had said “You can’t broadcast as Chris Cary – too boring – hang on – I’ll think of something…” Then he finished his set with, “And now over to… SPANGLES MULDOON!” And Chris had no choice but to open with “Hi! Spangles Muldoon here…” He never lost the handle).

When we eventually reached the Caroline ship, everyone ran over to the side as we approached, causing the boat to LEAN – almost SINKING her – and veer away. Then the pilot tried it from the opposite side with the same result.

Finally, he got cute. He approached HEAD-ON and only turned at the last minute. We couldn’t go on board, but we dropped goodies into Caroline’s inflatable, which the DJs had launched into the swell.

Of course, I was lucky the trip happened AT ALL. Chris was not above taking money and organising trips – that never happened. Also, Wiki does not mention his ARREST in Holland in the Eighties, over his involvement in the manufacture and sale of bogus satellite TV “smart cards”.

But all of that aside – I was GLAD the trip out to the forts and Radio Caroline took so long (particularly the trip back – the tide had turned and our progress was down to ONE mph) as Chris manfully kept us entertained for the HOURS we crawled back along the Thames, with stories of his days as a “pirate” – particularly the fun and games he had on RNI. Every moment was golden.

Chris may have been a rogue, but he was also a great bloke (and generous – he organised games on our trip – and played BLIND, to give himself a “handicap” when he was drawn opposite a partially-sighted girl).

We had a desk on the boat – and Chris invited any budding DJs to sit in. Thus I gave it a go – I recall playing Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Oxygene 6″ among others – but after ten minutes, I handed it back to Chris.

I had never realised how difficult it is to cue up records on a MOVING BOAT!

Those guys did a FANTASTIC job.

I was saddened to hear of his passing, a couple of years ago. RIP, Chris.


2 Responses to “Chris Carey alias Spangles Muldoon was: a Rogue and a Great Bloke -Vincent.”

  1. Jay Liotta April 23, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    Just one quick point, the trip to see Caroline in the 70’s must have been to see the MV Mi Amigo, not the Ross Revenge as that ship had not yet been purchased. It should be remembered that the Late Chris Cary played a major role, along with the help of his wife, in getting Caroline back on the air in the 70’s.

    • Vincent April 24, 2011 at 11:57 am #

      You’re RIGHT! My bad. It HAD to have been the Mi Amigo – ’cause I purchased the tickets at “Flashback ’67” – a free/pirate radio convention, at Heathrow, which took place in 1977 – which, according to Wiki, was six years BEFORE the Ross Revenge began its Caroline broadcasts. Mind you – after several hours of SERIOUS drinking, on that flat-top – it could have been the Mary Celeste!

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