Swanage beach re-do: a Fishing view.

22 Oct

[In response to “Swanage has a clock too”.]

I used to like Swanage until they put too much new sand on the beach (which f**ked up the fishing) and put that artificial reef right where my best casts used to land! Three years ago, forty of us fishing in the annual Barclays match caught FOUR fish between us in seven hours!

Thanks a bunch Swanage Council!

It does have a nice new(ish) pier though.

There is a link to the sand-dumping here…


…but no-one seems to be saying anything about the reef!

This big pile of non-native rocks and most of the indiscriminate sand-tipping are situated somewhat to the left of the Google photos you used – more towards the hotel-ish end of town. I also note that the reef didn’t seem to have happened when GE took its pics so perhaps an update is in order.



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