Peter Oliver on RT with bears.

29 Oct

Peter Oliver did a piece on Russia Today channel but, as with so many reports on TV news, he left the point until the end:

The real story is that morons in cars feed bears so as to capture images, and morons leave food waste where bears can get it. Thus fear of humans is removed from bears, bears are trained to demand food from humans, and bears increase in number around humans.

It is an old story but it needs to be hammered home wherever bears have stupidly been allowed to survive. Bears ought to be exterminated.

The ecology argument, claiming that every critter or plant that exists has an essential part to play in keeping us humans alive and well, does not apply to big critters. They are competitors with us human big critters.

Most species that have existed in Earth’s history have died. They are not missed because they are not needed by us. We, the local species of mind-kind aka intelligent life, are the main game.

The other big game, herbivores and carnivores, are superfluous, not wanted on the voyage, just so much rubbish to be cleared. This must be done humanely, of course, because otherwise we brutalize our individual selves and our society.

A bear was recently found in a grave yard in a Russian city, eating a dead body it had dug up, Peter Oliver reported. This supports the cause of cremation, but the cause of killing bears is even more important.

Stupid sentimentalist people who support the protecting of wild creatures, rather than their extermination in order to clear land for safe human habitation are the enemies of progress.

The author of Genesis was wrong in supposing that there was a creator guy in the sky with a petulant style of parenting, thorns and thistles being a favourite feature. But he, the author, was spot on with his idea that humanity (being the leading-edge of evolved life forms) ought to dominate the other forms. Modern Western culture demands that we be humane in this domination.

Soggy-brained idiots whose campaigning results in protection and preservation of creatures in the wild (in which pockets of our tame human habitat are supposed to 100% safely co-exist, but cannot) are themselves dangerous creatures who ought to be exterminated.

Our symbiotic ecologically necessary co-habitants on Earth are the bugs in our gut, the bugs in our soil, pollinating insects, and insect-eating birdies. That’s it.


One Response to “Peter Oliver on RT with bears.”

  1. Vincent October 31, 2010 at 6:43 am #

    But if Yogi and Boo-boo were exterminated, The Ranger would be out of a job!

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