Seek and/or ask, and ye shall be screwed.

29 Oct

[From Vincent, following Evil is a Natural Canker…]

This is what you get for playing it straight. When a bank did that to ME, I wrote back telling them I was CLOSING my account – and that if they had any more “inquiries”, they should address them to…

I then gave them a completely GENUINE address – half way around the World (for legal reasons, I didn’t actually say I’d MOVED there).

I heard from them no more.

Of course, this particular woman may have had a mortgage with them (although it sounds unlikely) so could not cut them off so easily.

But by playing the system HONESTLY, she made a big mistake. The system is CORRUPT. Play it straight and it will grind you down. Take it on and it will CRUSH you. The answer is to MASSAGE it. USE it. FINESSE it. Just don’t take it SERIOUSLY.

I am minded of the farmer who couldn’t get pickers for his strawberries. Another week and they would begin ROTTING.

He noticed a number of his neighbours had put “Pick-Your-Own” signs up and were doing a roaring trade – so went to the council to get permission to do likewise. It was DENIED. “A distraction to drivers,” he was told.

“But a lot of OTHER farms have such notices,” he protested. “Ah, well,” replied the bureaucrat, “THEY DIDN’T ASK.”



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