Blessings of 78 revolutions per minute…

2 Nov

At the tender age of eight, my Mum and Dad presented me with their 1947 78-only (electric) gramophone (one of the last made – vinyl was imminent) and their collection of 150 78s (which I still have – along with 600 more). But only being able to play 78s turned out to be a blessing in disguise. From 1960 to 63 inclusive, I ONLY bought (second-hand) 78s. Thus my appreciation of music PAST was BORN. After which, I got into the then-contemporary Pop scene.
But my appreciation of music OTHER than contemporary Pop lead me to discover all the great OTHER music out there – Classical, Art Deco, Big Band, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Electronic, Jazz, Blues, etc.
All of which lead me to a moment in the Seventies, which I SAVOURED! A bloke said I had bad taste in music. I asked him who he liked. He replied with a few then-contemporary names in Pop and Rock. I THEN pointed out that they represented only a NARROW slice of music. I reeled off names in a SLEW of music genres – Bill Haley, Muddy Waters, Gerry Mulligan, Jean-Michel Jarre, Leopold Stokowski, etc., etc.
I left him looking SICK!
Thanks, Mum and Dad!



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