WordPress tries SO hard, love their dear souls…

3 Nov

[In response to “Site Stats overlook something…”]

WordPress lies! Or rather, doesn’t tell the whole truth.

If you access your home page as any other Internet user does (i.e. without logging in to your account) it has no way of knowing it’s you looking at it and goes and counts your visit.

If, however, you have logged in first then it DOES know it’s you and won’t count it.

I discovered this when I first revealed the guilty secret of my own blogging to my wife and she spent an evening opening each of the hundred-odd posts individually and reading them.

She was on a different computer to me, but using our one and only network address to leave the building with, and it counted EVERY item!

And that was while I was also adding stuff in “logged in” mode using my own laptop on the same connection.

So if you REALLY want to boost your viewing figures……….



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