BBC are Public Service Botch-up experts.

4 Nov

[In response to “Reality TV not necessarily OK by everyone…”]

Amen! Thanks to the boffins telling the technicians VT would lose its memory after a few years (WRONG! I have VTs I recorded THIRTY YEARS AGO and they’re still as clear as day) AND the problems with copyright (long story – but it doesn’t justify WIPING important material) the Beeb virtually WIPED the Sixties.

Here is an example: as late as 1970, Auntie was STILL wiping VTs and transferring (some) stuff to kinescope (CRAP audio and video quality) for archive purposes. Thus the following now only exists on a BLACK AND WHITE kine – DESPITE the fact it was originally recorded on COLOUR VT!


Germany and the USA stopped wiping VTs in 1967 and 1964 respectively.

Here is all that is LEFT of The Queen Of Soul’s appearance on The Cliff Richard Show on the Beeb – in 1970. I uploaded it last night…



One Response to “BBC are Public Service Botch-up experts.”

  1. Shane Ventura November 6, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    It took the BBC an awful long time to get the message as to the value of keeping their productions. As a former industry insider I can tell you that it was not until 83/84 that the Beeb finally stopped the practice of what they called “Selective Archiving” A practice that was not just conducted at BBC TV London but also throughout the BBC regions.

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