If we are lucky, Earth will go BANG.

7 Nov

Is life just bowl of cherries, that have been allowed to go bad? Here, from Jay, is a link, to help us to think, whether life is a stink, or we are in the pink:


When I was a boy, I could not understand why people, not only other children but also grown-ups, did the wrong, counter-productive, perverse thing. What was wrong with all mind-kind that they rejected mundane order, and selected dangerous chaos?

Then, as I grew older, I made my own stupid decisions. I became disillusioned with what the cosmos had presented me with. Life, as Marvin the android who was alleged to be paranoid, would say, is not worth talking about.

Last week the US Federal Reserve announced it would print $600bn (£370bn) to flood the American banking system in an attempt to boost the economy, an action seen in Beijing and Berlin as a deliberatively provocative act to devalue the dollar against other currencies.

It is a high-risk throw of the economic dice; nobody knows whether it will help America to recover or whether the external ramifications will be to trigger a set of competitive currency devaluations, reminiscent of the 1930s, as countries try to protect their own exports, jobs and competitiveness.

-Will Hutton of The Guardian

Will the USA complete the work of causing the catastrophic fizzle of the West into being a good old has been? Are we indeed doomed? Has China been sufficiently groomed? Has The End long-enough loomed? Has the economy long-enough boomed?

This prospect is exciting, just like war. Do you share my urge to cheer the fates on, to see the whole thing come crashing down, rich and poor alike? After all, we can always blame ourselves for not getting our backsides onto the street and shouting

“What do we we want? Intelligent regulation of the economy! When do we want it! Ages ago, but now will have to do…”

Meanwhile, I will only get worried if they stop my benefits.

2 Responses to “If we are lucky, Earth will go BANG.”

  1. Vincent November 7, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    In Britain at least, everything affecting the quality of life has gone steadily DOWNWARDS, since January 1st., 1973. That ain’t an opinion – it’s FACT.

  2. Vincent November 8, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    Up ’til then, we had full employment, personal freedom, no P.C., Jazz in pubs – and R.N.I.

    SINCE then… don’t get me STARTED!

    The only GOOD things to emerge after that date were tech-related (and my son).

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