Look on the up side? Use those who lose?

7 Nov

[Responding to Film School has removed a Module…]

I can only suppose their reason for cutting back is the general malaise in the British film industry (plus a lot of its work is now being out-sourced to Eastern Europe).

However, it has been shown that companies who cut BACK during hard times do not prosper – whereas those who (granted, against all logic) push UPWARDS, take advantage of the others’ diminution and find, when said malaise has passed, that they are STRONGER.

Thus, if people are paying those exorbitant fees ANYWAY – why not USE them?


One Response to “Look on the up side? Use those who lose?”

  1. Vincent November 7, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Well, the movie bizz’ fortunes have waxed ‘n’ waned continually, since “The Great Train Robbery” (the ’03 movie – not the ’63 actuality). So if a film-school wants to prosper, it needs to take a more optimistic view.

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