Burma shows BBC as it is meant to be.

13 Nov

Aung San Suu Kyi is released, by the military government of Burma, from house arrest, again.

This is the kind of story that BBC were made to, and meant to, report. I put BBC News straight on my screen 1, in place of Fox.

The Beeb, thank goodness, still have the infrastructure and expertise on call to present all the substance of the story without making you feel ill.

Ill is what you feel when Murdoch’s USA folk (Fox) try to match up to the challenge of such an international issue. As to Murdoch’s UK crew (Sky), many are Beeb trained, but trained on soccer reporting and local news, so almost as crass as FNC.

Credit where credit is due. And for pity’s sake, everybody, let’s keep on fighting to get the vile Ross and Russ type garbage-on-legs the Hell out of the Beeb-o-verse…

…and to get the extortion racket replaced by state funding for news, traditional culture, and docos only.


One Response to “Burma shows BBC as it is meant to be.”

  1. Vincent November 13, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

    Of course, if Myanmar had OIL, the Yanks would have thrown those bastard gangster “Generals” out YEARS ago – and the lovely Aung wouldn’t have spent most of the last twenty years in the Grey Bar Hotel (okay – house arrest – but still).

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