The Two Georges (1995) IS the sad story…

16 Nov

[Responding to Tea tax fuss fatally wounded British Empire…]

OK. I’m SUPPOSED to be working but you asked a question and I can never resist that!

Besides, I asked a Sci-fi based question myself not long ago and was amazed that one of my friends quickly posted an answer that was not only right but which I could have found for myself had I really tried.

This time I HAVE tried but there doesn’t seem to be much on-line resource devoted to summarising and indexing Science fiction book plots – now there’s a worthwhile project for someone if it hasn’t already been done and I just haven’t heard of it!

The nearest thing I’ve managed to find is “The Two Georges” by Harry Turtledove & Richard Dreyfuss (1995).

I won’t bother putting the Wiki summary of the plot in here but the “Two Georges” of the title are “Washington” and “the Third” and concerns the fate of a painting done of them together after the Revolutionary War (or Treacherous Terrorist Insurgency depending on your viewpoint) was averted.

Might that have been it?

I’ll have to try to find my long-dormant Cambridgeshire County Library Card and see if I can get to read it.



One Response to “The Two Georges (1995) IS the sad story…”

  1. Mike November 16, 2010 at 9:08 pm #

    I’d never heard of it – but my curiosity was piqued when I saw one of the authors was Richard Dreyfuss. The ACTOR – I wondered? Apparently, YES. I always THOUGHT he had hidden depths…

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