WC monogram will look splendid on the mugs.

16 Nov

It is excellent that the makers of the posh crockery, Crown Derby, or Doulton, or something, are completely undeterred by the oik interpretation of the monogram WC for the souvenir pots and plates to be issued on the occasion of the marriage of William and Catherine (formerly Kate).

Some of you may not be aware of the entirely irrelevant and insignificant coincidence linking the abbreviation for water closet, also known as loo, amongst many other names, with the proposed royal monogram.

In the interview on Sky News, the Crown Derby man was noble in his calm demeanour as he utterly ignored and declined to notice what might spring to the mind of any low person of my unworthy level.

I shall not be buying a WC mug myself. I already have a couple of nice spotty ones that I bought from the 89p discount store in Upper Parkstone. It folded soon after.

The name of the former store on the site, WOOLWORTHS, is still above the door, a sort of historical monument. Someone clearly thought it ought to be preserved. Rather like sumpnado perhaps, maybe, possibly…


One Response to “WC monogram will look splendid on the mugs.”

  1. Mike November 16, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    Let us hope they don’t go the way of the Charles and Diana mugs.

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