Is Sunningdale horror Prohibition-Related?

17 Nov

Sunningdale has been live on Sky News and BBC News for hours now. White van. Three arrested. Fourth ran and was caught by police with guns and dogs.

Police took a lot of time questioning, and only found the obviously kidnapped and tortured man, in bag, found in van, near death, since died.

Twitter has a bank robbery attempt, later denied. No reports of actual shots fired. The four look scruffy and old. Phone calls on Sky and Beeb with members of the public, and the landlord at the pub opposite the white van.

Torture, so popular on videos, the movies, and even TV, is now into the popular culture, thanks to the vile filth making this footage. Our world is heading down to a new Hell.

Van pulled over in routine detention around 14h00. Three pulled out of van for questioning. Police ran after fourth man with no shoes.

It will take a lot more time to get this story straight… Was fourth man victim or perpetrator? Was dead man innocent citizen or also a violent crook?

If this is not a case of drugs industry violence, I will be surprised.

Repeal Prohibition and the whole post-1960s growing canker of madness and horror can begin to melt away PROVIDED INTELLIGENT REGULATION TAKES ITS PLACE.

[Post begun 16h30. Ended 17h15]


One Response to “Is Sunningdale horror Prohibition-Related?”

  1. theworldaccordingtomorpheus November 17, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    I thought the Police wore BOOTS?

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