Love Show Biz? No Talent? Interview! Present!

17 Nov

When I was a kid, I knew I was different. I just ASSUMED I’d end up in The Business (Show Business).

But what I couldn’t’ve known was just about ALL people who do, get there via years of hard work – normally beginning with Stage School.

And that has to be PAID for – and my folks were SKINT.

Nevertheless, even if my Mum and Dad HAD been monied – it’s unlikely I’d’ve become a star.

Why? Because NO amount of training can replace something I lacked – TALENT.

I admired David Frost in the Sixties. But he was like ME: good at INTERVIEWING and PRESENTING – but little else.

He was thought of as a comedian – but the truth was, he surrounded himself with people who WERE, while keeping his head down.

So here I am. I LOVE The Business – but have little talent in it. Ordinarily, I’d’ve remained a FAN.

But then along trotted the Interweb.

And suddenly I discovered the little bit of talent I HAVE – presentation of OTHERS’ talents – and non-fiction writing – could be BROADCAST.

No auditions to endlessly fail. I just sit here and DO it. My work ABOUNDS on YouTube, Metacafe and WordPress.

And I must be doing SOMETHING right – said work currently has four MILLION hits and gets nearly 25,000 new hits a day.

Hoorah for computing!



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