Greens to demand donkeys only from 2020?

18 Nov

Jay sent me this Evening Standard story:

“City Airport brings £500m a year boost, say battling bosses”

Aviation bosses today claimed City Airport contributes more than £500 million a year to the economy as they prepared for a High Court battle against… …increasing the number of flights to 120,000 a year, but green campaigners said the airport had exaggerated the economic case for expansion.

What I say is that neighbours from Hell, Green-fascists, and crooks from prison, should be placed under the City Airport’s noisy flight paths, and the present residents moved to quieter areas.

Chief executive Richard Gooding said: “This study confirms just how important London City Airport is to the national, regional and local economies.”

But Friends of the Earth’s Jenny Bates said: “More flights will mean more noise and air pollution for local people — these damaging plans must be overturned.”

The study, by independent experts York Aviation, highlighted figures including £197 million spent by business passengers travelling through the airport, which supports more than 2,700 jobs.

Who cares about fancy economic guesses? Not I. Such predictions never work. The valid point is: the demand from business is that the number of flights be expanded. Fine. Go for it. If it displeases the Green fascists, that is just a delightful bonus.

One Response to “Greens to demand donkeys only from 2020?”

  1. Vincent November 18, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

    I’m no expert – but from what I’ve seen, what usually happens is after umpteen years of wrangling with the NIMBYs, they build an airport in the middle of NOWHERE – then people rush to build HOUSES there, because the new road system is so good – then the new residents start complaining about the NOISE!

    Granted this isn’t true all over – but it does happen…

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