Vincent explains logic to flying morons.

18 Nov

[Response to Liege Airport… …a bit embarrassing]

I agree! If the Brits complained – like the FRENCH – about being RIPPED OFF about FIVE GRAND (Pinky & Perky’s plan to shift the age of retirement UP) that would be a GOOD thing.

Unfortunately, THIS example of rebellion appears to have been totally misplaced. I mean, what did the passengers WANT? If the plane diverted due to bad weather, it must have BEEN bad.

Pilots don’t divert without GOOD CAUSE – it costs their airline MONEY. The plane is in the wrong place. It screws up their schedules. And they have to lay on an alternative service for the stranded passengers.

These morons were lucky the pilot put safety above personal considerations (he’d have to justify his actions to the airline). It’d’ve served them right if they’d CRASHED in the damn FOG!


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