UK building-snarl v Thai way to success.

19 Nov

[Responding to ‘I need no luxury, a camp will do’]

Of course, if some of those millions of out-of-work British people who WANTED to work were allowed to BUILD HOUSES…

…the British housing market would not be the FARCE it IS.

I mean – I sold a house in Britain, to fund my life in Thailand. It cost £1,500 NEW in 1959. In 2002, that would have been around £30,000, allowing for inflation only. Plus, being second-hand (and over 40 years OLD) that SHOULD have made it worth no more than, say, £15,000.

But I sold it for £98,000!!!

Here in Thailand, there is full employment. Labour is cheap and houses are being built EVERYWHERE. Thus there are houses EMPTY – with no renters – for YEARS.

Which means I rent a 1994-built (only eight years old and UNUSED, when I moved in) split-level, high-ceilinged, three-bedroom bungalow, with a large “L”-shaped living room, two full bathrooms, a kitchen, patio, carport and garden with three trees, for just £70…

…a MONTH!!!


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