People of Earth. Facts to be faced.

20 Nov

One of the problems [affecting human welfare] is breeding habits. There are two factors governing this.

One: people from the Third World have lots of kids. This is because their countries have no welfare state. Thus if they want to be looked after in their declining years, they need to have offspring to do it. This will happen, because culturally, it is tradition. Only in the West, do kids ABANDON their parents to the tender mercies of the welfare state.

Two: people in the West are having FEWER kids. This is because they cannot AFFORD them. Only in a Communist state are parents able to have kids and continue WORKING. Therefore, many Westerners are electing to have a LIFE – rather than kids.

Thus in Britain, it is MORE than likely that with falling birth rates among its indigenous population – and an ever-rising number of immigrants – that eventually, the number of immigrant births will be LARGER than indigenous.

Of course, your looney-lefties will call me a RACIST for stating this. But I am not some BNP arsehole who sees this shift in birth rates as a “threat to the purity of the master-race” (hah!). I am FINE with people of all races, colours, cultures – whatever.

I am simply pointing out a FACT.

In a related subject – I once saw an American comedy movie, where a guy gets frozen for a century and wakes up to a World almost entirely populated by (white) MORONS.

The reason was that poor, trailer-trash types had been popping out sprogs by the bucket-load – while intelligent people had exercised RESTRAINT, realising kids kill your body, peace and FINANCES.

THAT could happen, too.

So what does THAT make me – an ECONOMIST??!



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