Alfie – justifying my I.T. job!

20 Nov

[Reply to System Admin., Support Anal., & other PC-fascism]

Like it or not computers are here to stay! And quite right too – if they weren’t we wouldn’t be here doing all this, now would we?

And while there are still people who can use them (like cars) without knowing how they work, we will need people who DO know how they work (like car mechanics).

I am one of these necessities and in my ten years or so of doing the work I have been called variously “IT Support Analyst”, “IT Technician” and, currently, “IT Support Technician” – while the job has been essentially the same.

It REALLY doesn’t matter if you’re called a “dustman” or a “household refuse collection operative” as long as a job that needs doing gets done!

That said, you’re quite correct that MANY of the jobs you list are self-serving, meaningless titles often awarded in place of a meaningful salary to idiots not capable of realising that fact.

The worst example of this was during my time at Barclays particularly during the 1980s in “mainstream” banking branches (which, I hasten to add, wasn’t the bit I was in) where the chain of command was: Manager, Assistant Manager, Manager’s Assistant.

Then someone decided that the next clerical echelon down needed recognition (rather than a salary increase) and brought in…….. are you ready for this?

Manager’s Assistant’s Assistant!

And I swear that is absolutely true – although I’m NOT certain the apostrophes are quite right!



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