This infernal machine can do anything.

21 Nov

In ’49 (U.S.) and ’59 (U.K.) TV effectively made the movie industry and radio redundant. Of course, neither curled up and died – but they had to fight tooth and nail to maintain their position.

And ADAPT (like the movies slowly went from an evening’s entertainment to “event” entertainment – i.e., it went from two movies, a short, a cartoon, a newsreel, a serial episode and ads and trails – to one feature preceded by just a handful of ads and trails – four hours down to between one-and-a-half – if it’s a comedy – to two-and-a-half – if it’s a blockbuster).

However – TV has now been sidelined by personal computers – along with print journalism and letter-writing. Not to mention boozing. Instead of going down the pub to air your views to your fellow-drinkers – you BLOG.

And while TV news is faster than the old newsreels – net news is INSTANT. Plus you don’t have to sit through the items THEY think are interesting. You can SELECT the ones you want. Beeb News has a list of the top SEVENTY-FIVE stories – while CNN has another 20 – then there’s CNBC…

Thus a LOT of the things one USED to do – read a paper, go to the pub, write letters, etc. – have been REPLACED by this infernal machine. And once you get the hang of it, you can do almost ANYTHING. Write a book people will READ – show ’em your snaps – make “friends” – get free porn – you NAME it!

But like radio and the cinema – TV will endure. No matter HOW broad the broadband gets – downloading progs and transferring them to disk is TEDIOUS – far easier to set the PVR!



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