Thailand laws are sensible on nicotine sales.

23 Nov

[Response to: People DO listen to me. My view IS heard…]

Believe it or don’t – Thailand actually DID these things (the cigarette stuff) TWO YEARS ago.

Well – the “no public display” thing, anyway. It was odd at first – but we quickly got used to it.

7/11s and the like now simply have a notice that says “We Sell Cigarettes” – and the items are in a cupboard – or a rack with a flap that hangs over them.

But in addition to that SENSIBLE idea – the Thais allow PARANOIA to rule. Fags are pixilated on some TV channels (not MOVIE channels, so far) which has the REVERSE effect to that which is desired – it HIGHLIGHTS fags to kids.

Our fags also have pictures of rotting flesh covering half the packet – not so keen on THAT, either. I mean – how about pix of morbidly obese kids on McDonalds containers – or smashed pedestrians on car dashboards?

And of course – REGULATION of recreational drugs would solve FAR more problems than it would create.



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