Amazon spider web site to snare suckers?

24 Nov

From Evening Standard, this news:

Amazon is making a foray into movies with a website that allows would-be filmmakers to submit scripts and videos in the hope of seeing them in cinemas.

Amazon Studios, in a partnership with Warner Bros, is offering almost $3 million for “top submissions” of scripts and test movies before the end of next year, and plans to develop the best ideas it receives as commercial feature films.

Full length movies will be tested for feedback at an early stage. Warner Bros will have first rights to produce the films, although Amazon can approach other studios if Warner rejects the projects.

This sounds dodgy to me. It looks like a machine to rob suckers of their ideas.

Personally, my fave genre at the cinema is the biopic of stars and movers in the Rock and Computing industries. Fiction schmiction unless it is a science fiction series named Star something.


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