Get us into proud Young Pioneer work at age 13.

24 Nov

On another issue: the Marxist-fascist, loony-Left, anarchist mob of thugs masquerading as poor, badly-done-to students are vowing to continue the window smashing and cop bashing as at Millbank Tower.

There is very little knowledge that cannot be learned from the internet these days. Many successful business-people drop time-consuming uni crap and go for the real thing.

Identify and cut university courses that can be junked without loss. There have to be whole bunch of them, mostly new arty non-courses I suspect.

It seems to me that only those few skills that need hands-on use of expensive, sophisticated technology, including the world of movie-making touched on in the previous Post to this, ought, possibly, to be kept, with the maximum of learning on the job actually creating a socially and/or commercially wanted product.

A very much related issue is raised by a phrase I heard on the news this last couple of hours: RENEWAL OF VALUES

Laws imposing Universal Education during Victorian times saved children from slaving in factories and mines, and found and developed intelligence in the working class.

The new age ended the tyranny of a few faith schools, and it opened a galaxy of state schools which were neutral on religion and emphasised knowledge gained from secular scientific methods.

But the continued opportunity for paedo-sadists to get their hard on via routine corporal punishment of effectively imprisoned kids, commonly made perverse and vile, what ought to have been exclusively glorious.

Sadly, given that most humans are like sheep and cannot think for themselves, things have gone from old-bad to new-different-bad. The repression children were made to impose upon their spirit has been allowed to phase into anarchic abandon, to every violent and perverse impulse imaginable in sadistic masturbatory fantasy.

The entertainments media reinforce this enthusiastically. Walking garbage, such as that fat Brit who did Psycho, get their sick kick in corrupting the mass, whilst raking in the filthy lucre. The Horror and Violence genres, fawned over by loathsome critics, flourish and guarantee the steady decline of the West.

What happened was that the excellent State Education neutrality-to-faith-issues left a deplorable and utterly counter-productive vacuum-of-ethics. Yet it is not the slightest bit necessary to imagine a guy in the sky, in order to decide what specific protocols comprise behaviour that is healthy, positive, constructive, creative, and life-friendly …which is the practical meaning of the old word, good.

RENEW THOSE VALUES! But replace (imaginary) sky-guy as the reason for being good with those obvious healthy-life needs.

The extending of education beyond puberty is insanity. At 13, having gotten their short and curlies, the guys and gals need to get into Young Pioneers, one of the things that the Soviet Union got right not only in noble theory but in excellent practice.

Evening classes for the academic to take their studies further, yes!

But for all, including the academic, the need is for feeling grown up, and proud, and useful, with practical experience of responsible citizenship.

With practice and conditioning even the young alpha male gets to enjoy admiration from society for his accomplishments, rather than alienation in chaos.

Intensive learning of professional skills ought to come on the damn job, not in a classroom in a state of prolonged childhood.

None of this means vile initiation rites into years of tea-making servitude, masquerading as apprenticeship.


One Response to “Get us into proud Young Pioneer work at age 13.”

  1. Vincent November 24, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

    I looked UP the Young Pioneers, as I’d never heard of them. For those who can’t be arsed, they were like the Scouts. The organisation was born after the Russian Revolution – but died after the collapse of Communism. Shame. It seems like it was a good idea.

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