Law enforcement needs some shots of reality.

25 Nov

This Evening Standard story comes from Jay:

Labour has launched a campaign to save the jobs of police officers facing the axe under Government cuts.

Shadow home secretary Ed Balls claimed the axing of 1,387 Greater Manchester Police officers were the “wrong cuts at the wrong time” and risked the safety of communities.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is one of the first forces to announce the impact of the coalition government’s drive to force down the nation’s budget deficit. Budget savings of £134 million has resulted in the GMP force cutting around 20% of its workforce.

The coalition government insists the cuts are necessary and a result of Labour over-spending.

Obviously, what is needed is cutting of police overtime by abolishing the targets insanity, of which both parties have been guilty of setting.

Also: cutting of court time by ending consideration of excuses for vile crimes, such as insanity, and by insisting that lawyers serve truth and the rights of victims, not the client.

The process ought not to involve deciding vague philosophical concepts such as guilt or innocence, but rather to demonstrate the facts as found.

The functions of prosecution and defence are irrelevant. The full facts including confession before lawyer-isation are relevant, and the rights of the victim require their telling.

To further save waste of money, the person established to have committed a vile crime needs to be shot dead outside the courtroom door, not given the cruel and unusual punishment of being imprisoned.


One Response to “Law enforcement needs some shots of reality.”

  1. sumpnado November 25, 2010 at 10:15 pm #

    Vile crime, obviously, to be defined. The defining not to be done by any person of faith. The victim and a society of previous victims might be the best people. Certainly, a forcible violation of the person or their dwelling is the starting point.

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