Alfie – Rights vs Duties; insanity no excuse!

29 Nov

[Response to: Law enforcement needs some shots of reality.]

I have often pondered the absurdity of “insanity” being used as an excuse for (say) murdering someone!

If you do that OF COURSE you are insane by any sensible definition but that doesn’t mean we “sane” ones want you wandering amongst us doing it again because you “couldn’t help it”, now does it?

The other big problem is that everyone has recognised “rights” but no-one has similarly listed “duties”.

I think we need a “covenant” that everyone signs up to on reaching adulthood which clarifies each Right and its corresponding Duty. Then “The Law” can be boiled down to “breaching a duty leads to the loss of the appropriate right” for however long is considered necessary depending on the crime.

It needs work but…… any takers?



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