Alfie – Heinlein's future history coming true?

29 Nov

[Response to Sarah Palin is a gem, but in what role?]

I’m sorry but if the Colonials elect ANOTHER Republican Airhead to the Evil Office I will be putting in a swift call to the Mother-ship and gettin’ outta here!

Earth is only marginally safe NOW and if fuzzy bumbling bimbos such as Sarah get into power I’m away home! And I’ll be tempted to put in an anonymous call to the Vogon Constructor Fleet on the way out!

I seem to recall that Robert Heinlein chose 2012 as the year the USA inadvertantly elected a religious dictatorship which it took them over eighty years and another violent revolution to get rid of.

I USED to think such “future history” was bunk but now……..!



One Response to “Alfie – Heinlein's future history coming true?”

  1. Vincent November 30, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    Sarah Palin IS a treasure and like all treasure – should be locked in a BOX!

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