Two-Part Marlon Brando. Scotland minus 15 C.

29 Nov

[Response to e-mail about Marlon Brando.]

Never met the man, but I think Marlon (like most of us) was a chap of two parts – self-depracating and humourous at times – and at others, a bit pompous. My favourite film of his is “The Freshman” (’90) – but Marlon said afterwards he thought it was crap. Really? He seemed to enjoy making it – but maybe it was too lightweight for his tastes.

Hey – I used to holiday in the Scottish Highlands in the Nineties. I just heard it hit MINUS FIFTEEN (centigrade) there, [Friday] night. That’s the same temperature it is right now, here in Thailand …in my FREEZER (it WOULD be minus EIGHTEEN, but this is a hot country). Here in the den, it’s 33.1C. Hah!



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