Alfie! – Make planners walk their talk!

1 Dec

[Responding to Castlepoint pedestrians treated like dirt…]

Ah yes! Planning and Traffic Departments!

You really know how to set me off don’t you?

These, for the benefit of the uninitiated, are the Far-kwits (I think that’s how you spell it) who whenever they put a roundabout in a town or city centre environment decide that it would be enhanced by a zebra crossing!

This is usually situated about five yards from one of the entry/exit points (depending on which side of the road you find yourself running for your life) and I cannot believe that they are EVER used by the murderous GITS who authorise them!

I believe that every traffic planning approval process should include a site walk by the ENTIRE committee, plans in hand! If they get killed by the traffic – it wasn’t a good idea!

Definition: “Committee” = “a life form with upwards of 10 legs and no brain!” Courtesy of our old friend Robert Anson Heinlein.



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