PC camera live chat unwanted. Email superior.

2 Dec

Back in the Sixties, we used to DREAM about the “video-phone”. Several systems were tried – but they were all too expensive – or failed, due to their being no good until EVERYONE had one – of the same TYPE. Furthermore, in those days, the lines were extremely NARROW-band – thus the video quality was always PANTS.

But now, thanks to computers, we HAVE “video-phone” – and it’s FREE – yet no-one I know USES it. The thing about the WRITTEN word is you can THINK about what you want to say before you say it. In speech, people traditionally reply INSTANTLY to what is said to them, to avoid being thought slow, or rude. But if one thinks about it, this is illogical – since one cannot IMMEDIATELY formulate an answer to anything but the mundane.

On a planet far, far away, I’m sure people converse with long PAUSES. In fact, I recall how In The Old Days, some people who KNEW each other, actually DID that. Outsiders would be bemused when one person asked the other a question, or made a point – and the other person would appear not to have heard it. But then, after THIRTY SECONDS or more, the other person would eventually respond.

But now, everything is rush, rush, RUSH – and this is reflected in our speech patterns. We fill gaps with “err”s and “That’s a good question”s and “Let me ask you this”s and other fillers – DESPERATELY trying to buy time to THINK, without losing our place in the conversation.

But WRITING allows thought BEFORE a response – which RESTORES the art of CONVERSATION – which is IRONIC.



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