Safer pedestrian crossings: light controlled ones.

2 Dec

[Response to Ready, Set, Alfie, make planners walk their talk…]

Three disparate (or should that be desperate?) thoughts occur…

One: having been a traffic-light ENGINEER (and pedestrian) I can categorically state that traffic light-controlled crossings are WAY safer than belisha-beacon ones – where the only way you’ll get across is by playing MIND-GAMES with drivers.

And given that they are in tin boxes and you are in a tee-shirt – guess who’s gonna lose?

Two: re site-walks – I recall that back in the barn-storming days, after working on a chap’s plane – the engineer had to take her up for a TEST-flight.

And three: I’m convinced Philips consumer products are designed by a COMMITTEE – always have been. Trouble is, while the majority of said committee are quite clever – ONE member is a freakin’ MORON!



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