Bondi, Manley, Stonehenge, 1958, jet planes.

4 Dec

The brother of my mother went to live in Manley, Sydney, Australia, around 1950. It has big beach. The beach most famous to us non-Australians is Bondi.

I ought to have gone on the £10 assisted passage in 1958, as soon as I was 18. I had this idea that I would not like to be so far from parents. A ride on a DC8 or 707 was still expensive.

The best thing would be if the UK and Oz governments were to get together and MAKE all of us Brits go. We would soon get used to being in paradise, and stop whingeing.

Then the various folk who think UK is paradise can swarm over La Manche aka the English Channel and fully take over from us.

If anybody is worried about Stonehenge, we can even take that vile pile of murder stones with us to Canberra.

I would even agree to live in the sandy middle. Every now and then I could get on the bus or train and go to the seaside.



2 Responses to “Bondi, Manley, Stonehenge, 1958, jet planes.”

  1. Vincent December 5, 2010 at 2:47 am #

    I hear you cannot SMOKE on Bondi beach! Verily, the lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum…

  2. Vincent December 6, 2010 at 2:52 am #

    Yes – your thought about little tins SHOULD be LAW – beaches often have a layer of the indestructable tips just below the surface – some (I’m ashamed to admit) placed there by ME.

    But as far as down-wind is concerned, once we smokers are OUTSIDE – come ON!!!

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