Mouchel (in deep debt) will save Bournemouth?

4 Dec

Local authority officials seem to be the sort of people who value the opportunity to pose and primp as very important people. When they seek office, their concern is not to prove to the electors that they, the candidates, are very knowledgeable and clever.

The issue is image.

The reality is that most of the councillors enthuse over any new idea, with zero ability to judge whether it is sound or a thin-plated Titanic crock. Psychologists and even sociologists are the people to ask as to how such minds function.

Right now, Bournemouth Borough Council (BBC) have just handed over a contract for Revenues, Benefits, ICT, and Facilities Management to a private company that is almost bankrupt.

The £150 million, that the BBC has allocated for the contract, will help the consultancy company involved, Mouchel, to last just long enough to sneak off with big salaries and bonuses, to overseas tax havens, before the whole contrivance collapses LONG BEFORE the ten years of the contract.

This is MY take on the situation, bearing in mind that I only know what I read, and what I recall from my life.

Timothy John of Daily Echo covers the story on Friday 3 December 2010.

…the level of savings promised is queried by opponents of the deal and some of the council’s own financial officers… …Enforcing the [contract guarantees of top quality performance] would require a difficult and expensive legal process…

Councillor Ben Grower, Labour group leader says:

It’s a disaster… …The only people to benefit will be Mouchel’s shareholders. There will be no new jobs. They [promised new jobs] in Oldham and haven’t delivered…

In a page-foot piece of the same Echo issue, the refinancing exercise of Mouchel (they have an £83 million debt) is discussed.

RBS, Lloyds and Barclays are the creditors and have…

…called in accountancy giant Deloitte to conduct a review…

I say, chaps, am I paranoid to doubt that, with the greedy twisters policing other greedy twisters, something might be dodgy about this deal? How ungracious of some of us to want to go back to the old Pre-Thatcher days of regulation!

The project is called by Mouchel the ‘Bournemouth Hub’ because it is intended to control many other councils from Bournemouth.

It is computing that has made all this possible. And we all LOVE computers and find them COMPLETELY RELIABLE  don’t we…?

And we all agree that the word ‘geek’ is a synonym for holy and righteous, sin-free, honest and decent, and yummy-pie smoochy-poo …right?


One Response to “Mouchel (in deep debt) will save Bournemouth?”

  1. littlealfie December 5, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    With regard to your final question:

    “And we all agree that the word ‘geek’ is a synonym for holy and righteous, sin-free, honest and decent, and yummy-pie smoochy-poo …right?”

    I have to say, as a bit of a computer geek myself, “YES” – except, possibly, the “yummy-pie” and “smoochy-poo” bits.


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