Alfie – 30 years since black cloud on Central Line Tube.

5 Dec

[Response to: John Lennon relaxed his caution and died…]

Haven’t heard said documentary BUT as James Taylor’s song you mention was called “Fire and Rain” and the doco was called “Rain…” I think it must be the same guy.

Completely irrelevantly I used to think the song was a tribute to one or more of the Kent State martyrs assassinated by the Ohio National Guard on 4 May 1970 but research for a piece of my own a couple of months ago showed it was released 2 months too early for that.

Thirty years ago on the morning after the Dakota Dirty Deed was done I was on a course in London, travelling by Tube on the Central Line from Queensway to St.Pauls. I had taken the same trip each morning for a week and a half and it was never fun but THAT day you could almost SEE the oppressive black cloud over every single commuter! It felt as though something wonderful and OURS had been taken out of the world.



One Response to “Alfie – 30 years since black cloud on Central Line Tube.”

  1. Vincent December 6, 2010 at 2:41 am #

    I vividly remember the morning AFTER the event – also sitting on a train. The black cloud was PALPABLE. A girl sitting opposite looked like she was going to burst into tears.

    It was at that moment that it hit me just how momentous the event WAS – and what we had lost.

    Prior to that morning, I had always considered “Imagine” to be trite and simplistic – but now I suddenly realised it was INTENDED to be so.

    I can never hear it today without getting misty…

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