Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, not old cars dump.

5 Dec

“OCD” (which SHOULD have DOTS – i.e., O.C.D. – bring back PUNCTUATION! – one of the first things I ever wrote – “There is a thief in our midst – and he’s stealing our dots and commas…” – way back in 1994) stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

We ALL have it to some degree. Little things we do for NO real reason. It only becomes a problem when we start washing our hands thirty times a day, to avoid germs – or say the same thing fifty times, until we get the inflection JUST right – or check we turned the gas off eighty times before retiring to bed – or… you get the idea.

As they say in psychiatric circles: always marry an OCD woman – at least you’ll have a clean house!

I have always had it a LITTLE bit – but am entirely functional. I recognise it – laugh at it (most OCD-ers do) – and live with it.

The condition has ALWAYS existed – but has only been recognised and NAMED for a couple of decades. Before that, people with mild cases were merely thought to be “fussy”, “ordered” or just plain ANAL!

But Howard Hughes was DESTROYED by it…



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