Arise above angst about ageing -Joan Bakewell.

6 Dec

Vincent alerts me to this BBC item:

I agree with Joan Bakewell:

I was once thought pretty, now young people give up their seat to me on the Tube. Life brings many changes and growing old involves adapting to them… …The human body ages, get used to it.

It was entirely unexpected by me when a young Anglo-Asian lady arose from her seat in the tube, about a decade ago, and gestured for me to take it.

I was non-plussed. The logical part of my brain said:

“Apparently, the day has arrived when you look old. She is offering you her seat. Take it graciously, even though you do not feel tired.”

The creative part of my brain, which is always seeking ways to make interesting chaos from straightforward simplicity said:

“Is this REALLY what it appears to be? Or is this a trick and will I be made to look a fool if I sit down there? Ought I to explain that I am fine? I need more time to think about this.”

I took the seat and said “Thank-you” but I the expression on my face was confusion rather than the gratitude which would have rewarded her. She looked flustered. Another fatuous eff-up on my part.

Since that first time, I have been able to react properly on the few succeeding occurrences of this phenomenon. I visit London infrequently.


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