Deal beach Kent -the final victory! Fag end flake.

6 Dec

[Re: Agreement reached on tab-end tins! But…]

As a smoker for 25 years then an ex-smoker for the last 17 years I can see merits in the viewpoints of both sides here.

While I have no wish to nag anyone into giving up the way my daughters nagged me I also don’t want to get close enough to smokers to risk undoing all the hard work I did to break the addiction.

This involved nicotine patches (which are real sods to light!) twitching, wheezing, the sensation of steel bands around my chest and a VERY unpleasant process of tar-removal!

And it is relevant to this discussion to add that the only time I nearly gave up giving up was on a beach!

‘Twas Deal in November 1994 and I was about to go and scrounge a ciggy from one of my fishing buddies when my bait was taken by a young and vigorous Whiting. By the time I had reeled it in, unhooked it and returned it to fight another day the moment had passed and has never returned.


Have Vincent or I ever told you about our Geography teacher at St. Kenneth’s Academy for Amateur Explosive Engineers? His name was “Fritz” Williams and he used to keep all his untipped “dog ends” in just such a tin as is being described here. Then, during class he would break them open and make all the salvaged strands into new “roll ups”!

I bet you could have surfaced a fair sized road with the contents of HIS lungs!



3 Responses to “Deal beach Kent -the final victory! Fag end flake.”

  1. littlealfie December 6, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    Williams the Geography?

    How did you know he was Welsh?

    He was, of course, and had a way of describing Escarpments with “Steep slopes” and “Shallow slopes” that reminds me of Richard Burton intoning “Broadsword calling Danny Boy”!

    Plus he had a very weird dress sense – very closely resembling Patrick Troughton’s incarnation as Doctor Who!


  2. Vincent December 7, 2010 at 3:52 am #

    I s’pose “Williams” might have been a clue – although I don’t recall Kenneth or Andy being particularly Welsh!

    Hey, Alfie – I REMEMBER him piddling around with that tin – but I was never observant enough to realise what he was DOING!

  3. littlealfie December 7, 2010 at 2:02 pm #

    Yes, well! Some of us paid attention to the lesson; some of us watched the tin! You were such a SWOT!


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