Agreement reached on tab-end tins! But…

6 Dec

[Re: Be These Ye Last Days? Sadly no. Still waiting…]

Yes – your thought about little tins SHOULD be LAW – beaches often have a layer of the indestructable tips just below the surface – some (I’m ashamed to admit) placed there by ME.

But as far as down-wind is concerned, once we smokers are OUTSIDE – come ON!!!

And why on EARTH didn’t they allow for “smokers’ bars” in pubs? It’s not rocket science.

And as for extending “workplaces” to people’s COMPANY CARS: all cops have to do is run an ID on your car and if it’s owned by a company – even if you’re ALONE – the next thing, you get pulled and the officer says, “Good day Sir – have we been… SMOKING?”

Verily, the absurd IS now commonplace…



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