USA -freedom too far. Fame -walking in shadow.

6 Dec

James Taylor [who says he heard the five shots that murdered John Lennon and thought it was cops shooting someone -Cy] sounds like a monumental PRAT. For a start off, I would have thought that in New York, a random gunshot would be more likely to have been fired by a VILLAIN than a COP.

But neither he NOR the cops could have prevented John’s murder by that excrescence. The cops can do NOTHING to prevent a nut-job from carrying out a murder – all they can do is try to NAIL the guy afterwards – if the American Injustice System allows.

The problem with THAT is it was designed to be FAIR to the public, given that many Americans had emigrated (escaped) from totalitarian regimes, where the cops were allowed to kick down doors at will, to enforce the law.

However, the system they evolved is TOO fair. It punishes the PUBLIC by allowing lawyers to get their clients back into circulation via any one of a hundred “loopholes” – like the evidence was not collected legally. “Sorry, your honor – should we give the murderer his gun BACK?”

But to return to John, celebrity is a bizarre and unnatural thing. Two hundred years ago, a king could walk unrecognised among his people – but in this age of mass-media, anyone can quickly be elevated to “celebrity” status.

However, this is a double-edged sword – while it may get you good seats in restaurants, you have to live with the fact that millions of people think they KNOW you. And you quickly discover you have to keep ALL of them happy.

Which is IMPOSSIBLE. Even if you are perfect – someone will loath you for being TOO perfect. Now of course, this is usually no more than BEMUSING – “My wife thinks you’re fantastic – I’ve never cared for you myself” – but it has a DARK SIDE.

Just consider the numbers. If one person in a MILLION in America is a homicidal maniac, that means there are THREE HUNDRED of them out there – in a country where you can buy a six-pack of guns at any Seven-11.

And as someone who is a “public figure” – you are known to ALL of them. How are you going to keep them ALL happy? Remember, they’re LOONIES in the first place – you cannot account for THAT.

Thus you walk the streets knowing there are probably a DOZEN human beings out there who would KILL you if they could – even if you are the quietest, most benign person imaginable.

But John was NOT quiet OR benign. He felt outrage at the wars and injustices of the World – and was VOCIFEROUS in declaring it. John spoke his MIND.

And as a believer in peace and freedom, he was APPROACHABLE – which lead to his downfall. And just as he was emerging from a period “in the wilderness”, having got his shit together.

It is amazing John lasted as long as he DID. One of the many reasons the Beatles gave up stage appearances, was they got fed up waiting for the sound of a SHOT – particularly after John’s TRUE and quite REASONABLE statement on the Beatles’ and God’s popularity (I thought Christians were supposed to FORGIVE – and observe a commandment that says “Thou shalt not kill” – but apparently, that’s optional to some of them).

So today, all celebrities have SECURITY. Try to approach one and a no-neck will ABUSE you. But the loonies can still get you. Just ask Ronnie Chasen.

Oh no, you can’t – she’s DEAD.

As a person who PROMOTED celebrities, she thought herself to be safe. But then along came a looney called Harold Smith. However despite that fact, at this stage, it appears Ronnie may have been offed by ANOTHER looney – there are no shortage of them.

I’m glad I’M not famous…


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