Joan Bakewell fights loony-Left BBC empty suits.

7 Dec

[Re: Arise above angst about ageing -Joan Bakewell…]

I was WATCHING “Call My Bluff” on the night Frank Muir introduced Joan Bakewell as “The Thinking Man’s Crumpet” and I KNOW he only expected the line to get a chuckle – and be instantly forgotten.

He would NEVER have said it, had he known the phrase would DOG her for the rest of her professional life.

But dog her it did – and when eventually, some empty suit on the Fifth Floor decided the BBC’s “arts” channel needed “fresh blood” (people with “regional” accents, rather than those who could speak the Queen’s English properly) – Joan was the first to be told her time was over.

However, if the Beeb expected her to go quietly into the night, they were MISTAKEN. Joan may have been polite and gentle (which was expected, in her day) but she was INCENSED at what Auntie was doing – and went PUBLIC.

Auntie is SACKING me for being TOO OLD, she said – and immediately added Old Peoples’ Rights And Issues to her list of topics to write about (her TV career might have been over, but she was still a respected journalist).

And thus – on the Beeb – she recently wrote a BRILLIANT piece (better than THIS scribbler could ever have managed) on the subject of how the FUTURE could affect the elderly.

So impressed was I by her writing, that I passed it on to Cy…

I also added a comment to the original piece – but Auntie decided to side-line ME, as well.

I don’t recall it word for word – but the thrust of it was THIS: in addition to the issues raised in Joan’s piece (which, if you haven’t read it – I urge you to do) I pointed out that we as a species have EVOLVED an understanding that we have around eight decades In This Place – and a radical LENGTHENING of it could be unsettling.

In addition to all the obvious pitfalls (the World’s resources, etc.) the prospect of a century-plus of living would be ARDUOUS.

This writer, at 58, has now learned and experienced all he NEEDS. From this point on, he is treading water – and a century of THAT is not an attractive prospect.

Then, what about the Third World person – who has to SLAVE away from childhood ’til DEATH, just to SURVIVE?

Cy wants to cash in his chips at seventy. Others feel similarly. George Sanders did not fancy watching his physical and mental faculties fall apart and vowed – at around thirty – to cash in his at sixty. And DID.

Anyhoo – I finished my comment by declaring that a long life was less important than avoiding all the CRAP one has to endure as an “oldie” – and stated I had no interest in living for another hundred years.

I would settle for TWENTY, if when I went – science could ensure I would look like DANIEL CRAIG.



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