Blitzed folk unfazed by bombs. John the Marine.

7 Dec

FROM John the US Marine:

Since you mentioned WW2 anyone know how many US Marines were killed in first 12 hours of the assault on Tarawa? How about in 30 days on Guadalcanal? How about in 30 days on Iwo Jima, which was like most of the islands taken to provide an airbase.

The deaths of our troops and some of my friends as US Marines in Iraq are indeed sad but I am well over this ghoulish obsession on how many have died when in reality war creates casualties.

Having said all that I realize you do not care about the facts behind those deaths and you certainly do not care about how your constant grumbling about the deaths affect us as troops. You only have some childish want to see your party or your guy (or gal) win an election. Sickening.

You on the left are too worried about “getting” Bush and you on the right are too busy saying Bush has done everything right. Of course there are varying degrees on both sides but interestingly enough I never hear any of you lefties or righties asking us how WE feel about it. Sickening political hacks.

Oh and in case you care… We for the most part are aware of how important this effort is and are more than willing to do multiple tours there in the sand box. Meanwhile you hacks please feel free to argue politics from the safety of your little burbs. We’ll still protect you as you eat your bon bons and get softer.

So you folks continue to sit in your little home offices typing madly away on forums like this thinking you know what is going on. Brits are being lied too and so are the Americans. We do the raids we see the intel from the computers these guys have, we see their papers and the crap they scribble on the walls.

We know THEIR governments push hate against us and our policies because THEY don’t want to be drug out of their palaces and beheaded by these lunatics. So it is easier and better to foment hate against countries like the US and England.

Keep arguing about how many brave Brits died in a Luftwaffe raid – that will REALLY help. Too bad those folks didn’t survive so they could pull England’s collective heads out of their asses. Meanwhile I’ll continue to pray that Brits never have a 9/11, like we did.

You politically charged citizens who love your parties more than you love your country are as sick as those we fight. Go away already…

And don’t bother arguing this with me I just happened across this site during a search while on leave. I’ll be busy doing other things very soon and won’t be wasting time with a bunch of hacks.

-John the US Marine


Let me explain: In August 2006, the blogger Earthling Concerned said:

In less than a month the tragic events of 11 September 2001 will recognize its fifth anniversary… …It is during this week that the number of U.S. Deaths (2,601) confirmed by the Department of Defense in the Iraq War will outnumber the confirmed lives claimed in the World Trade Center Towers (2,602) on that historic date, source Wikipedia.

I, Cy, made a Comment that the FIRST big Nazi air raid on London, on the East End Docks, where the houses were packed close behind the docks on the River Thames, killed nearly a thousand and wounded about 3,000.

My source was a TV documentary on UK History channel. We civilians ALREADY KNOW about deaths in wartime.

Then on 12 September 2006 came the above Comment from John the US Marine.

My friend (ex-pat Brit, went to South Africa aged 6) who fought in the Rhodesian Army was furious, on leave, to see civilians still having a happy time on the beach, as if nothing was happening a few leagues to the north in the bush.

But we civilians ARE AT WAR AGAIN NOW as certain religious extremists believe that bombers, suicide or otherwise, will impress our government and civilians. They (just like the Provos) are in ERROR. We have seen it and had it all BEFORE.

The loony-Left are, as ever, trying to make casualty numbers a reason for the West to cave-in to the enemy.

I do not argue with a word of what John said. But my point is that Europeans, including British, have already had MANY “9/11″ events, in LIVING memory of anyone over 70.

A similar situation applies throughout many parts of the Earth.

Any person of my generation (a child during WW2) or of the previous generation (young adults during WW2) can take you round their conurbation and show you the sites where NAZI bombs fell…


One Response to “Blitzed folk unfazed by bombs. John the Marine.”

  1. Anonymous August 30, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    Yes, two-faced governments of certain countries where Western intervention is being made, do speak against Western culture, but the sitution has evolved as certain rulers ARE NOW getting “dragged out of their palaces”. The draggers are a mix of modern-minded-reformers and misogynist-religious-extremists, and the next stage is when the former have their throats cut by the latter.

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