Scotland Yard to try harder with geek squad.

8 Dec

Jay wanted us to see this:

“‘Geek squad’ to help Scotland Yard smash cyber-crime”

Scotland Yard is to recruit some of Britain’s most talented computer students to join the battle against internet crooks.

A 12-strong “geek squad” will be hired to work alongside detectives as they try to stop cyber-crime.

Senior officers admit they are struggling to keep pace with rapid advances in technology. An insider said: “The IT world moves so quickly we need to keep up to date with new ideas. We hope the students will be able to refresh our knowledge. They will be at the cutting edge of investigation.”

The PhD students will be employed on year-long contracts in the Police Central e-Crime Unit at Scotland Yard. Ministers have approved funding for the recruits.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Janet Williams, in charge of the fight against cyber crooks, said there were 300 staff in hi-tech crime units across Britain and 40 in the Yard. She aims to double the size of the Met’s unit over three to four years.

Police have already created a “virtual task force”, including officials from banks and financial institutions as well as academics, who can be called up online for help. She said: “In the past 18 months we’ve had fabulous results — for every £1 spent, we have saved £21 of harm.”

OK, I am much comforted. That cuts down the number of human problems by one. How many does that leave? Well there is human stupidity: including religion, soppy anthropomorphism regarding critters like lions, tigers, and bears… Actually quite a lot left.

THE above news item was from The Evening Standard:


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